first fixie build

This is the first fixie we have built at the bike store i work at (cycle city in lyneham canberra)
It was originally a mongoose maurice cromo but now looks 10 times better i think.

we added velocity deep v’s and some different bars and a trixie tool.

let me know what you think :smiley:

Well…the bars are on upside down.

Nice colour scheme though.

Given it’s built by a bike store, I really hope they know that. :?

we relise and know it is kinda different but it rides really nice that way. plus wanted to turn heads.

Given it’s built by a bike store, I really hope they know that. huh

Oops should have had :smiley:

those turning heads are saying, “that guys bars are upside down. oh and lets steal his Trixie lockring tool, what a douche”

And use it to take off his wheels!

Nice ride tho… i want your wheels!!

I am turning my head now… :evil:

bike looks fantastic except the bars and trixie (keep it off the bike and in your bag)

I’m turning my head…

To the right, then the left and back again with a disapproving look on my face :evil:

so you have attached to your bike a tool that thieves could openly use to dismantle your bike?


it looks nice, would look better with the bars facing the proper way…

Looks nice except for the (already much commented upon) bars.

The bar thing leaves me befuddled (like most it seems) , different for the sake of ‘fashion’ methinks, why not just go for vintage ‘North Road’ style bars rather than this half-stepping ugliness?

Must also concur with the attachment of the tool to the bike itself being a poor decision, unless ‘comedy’ was the effect that you were going for.

Yes the wheels are also rather nice, but they are the same Velocity Deep V’s as seen on 80% of every other fixie in this country, so not really anything unique to comment about there.

For a cheap ride the Mongoose Maurice is not a bad bike, not most peoples first (or even 10th) choice, but i don’t mind it at all.

whats so good about his wheels they are plain old deepv’s laced to velocity hubs nothing special AT ALL!

maybe if they were laced to phills or even chubbs then they might be desirable but just velocity’s pfffft see it on 80% of bikes in aus (as mentioned above)

nice at least people are talking about the bike so the bars seemed to have worked (if not in a good way :-() we have since put straight bars on this bike :-). And the trixie tool is on there for display purposes only as it is hanging in a bike store. My trixie is carried safly inside my bag at all times. anway just thought people would like to see the bike!!

let see, umm

  1. they’re australian
  2. they look good
  3. they are strong and roll nice
  4. oh yeah, almost forgot they’re australian

i don’t remember saying they were bad? i just said they were plain old deep v’s nothing to really go crazy over? (especially with the hub laced to)… THEN…

i go on to say would be much more desirable on a phil. i’ll let you figure out the rest.

Well done… nice and clean, like others have said, the upside down bars look like a bit of a fuck up. Keen to see the pics of the bars up the right way though.

Under the house I have a Goose bmx, mtb and roadie. Now I could complete the family :expressionless:

How much did the spray, wheels and lug removal cost on top of
the 700 for the bike?

hey nick, the maurice is looking good! I’ll have to drop in for a closer look.

needs more carbon though… :stuck_out_tongue: