first fixie build

yeah come down anytime man always there !

i think that the whole package is for sale for $1199 but we haven’t put a price on it. I worked it out to be about $1599 if you paid full rrp for the parts and painting.

it has ritchey headset, wellgo pedals and cages, jetblack grips, velocity deep v’s, michelin tyres, and 3 months free servicing (i know fixies don’t really need to much servicing) but meh i guess it counts.

nice nic…the maurice is a good maluable base to work off… wish i still lived there to take her out for a stroll…see you in a fortnight.

If you’re still running the stock pedals and straps, I’d definitely swap them out. I find the pedals on mine to be really brittle, to the point where large chunks of them have actually snapped off. The strap buckles are also really poor quality, and came bent out of the box with my bike.

cool luke cya in a fortnight make sure you drop in when you are here!!

we have swapped out the standard pedals for some nice wellgo track pedals and nice chrome cages and will be adding some nice leather toe straps when they turn up (god knows when that will be)

sounds nice.

Me, I like the colourway. :lol:

Put the Fallers back on! Your maverick move now has a new term.

Colourway is the new potatoes, can I suggest COCK as an appropriate substitute!

haha good call!

Haha, rad call.

Is there a prize for the first person to (appropriately) post the phrase “i like the cock” ?

Hey, someone’s hacked this site so that if you type “c-o-l-o-u-r-w-a-y” (without the dashes), it comes out as “COCK”? Wtf? :?

sure. :roll:

See here, also search for APPLES and POTATO…,7880.msg64887.html#msg64887

awesome, kids loving the colourway all over the place.

I wondered why so many people type APPLES in all caps… now all I need to know is what word it’s replacing. Let’s try some:

[li]compassion (nope)[/li][li]please (nope)[/li][li]antiqueing (nope)[/li][li]APPLES (ah, that’s it!)[/li][/ul]


dang … that geek shit works a treat… wish i had ‘the geek’.

Ahhh! Not ze hackers! They makin computa kaput!

so what about the americanisation/americanisation colour/color?

i like that english COCK

i like that american COCK

edit: looks like the magical cock-ulator likes it both ways.