First Fixie

My first fixie
tell me what you think

new paintjob and a brooks saddle
im thinking of selling it though but how much do you think i could get for it?
its a guerciotti and its got colnago forks

cool beanz

is that back wheel from abbotsford cycle? i do believe i saw one very similar, if not the same one, in there a couple of days ago. nice bike. nice wheel.

i bought it from someone off farkin
im thinking of painting the frame what colour do you guys think

Looking good boost, i would say Orange to match your rear rim :slight_smile:

ya i was thinking like pale blue of somthing

was that rod’s old wheel?

not sure
it was a guy called
lebronmtb on farkin

Is that a Guerciotti? From what I know they’re nice bikes, why don’t you just leave the paint the way it is?

Also, please don’t take a file or blade to the braze-ons.

ya it is a Guerciotti
I cant read what model it is because the paints been scratced off, all i can make out is paul

just blew the rear tire skidding on the way back from the shops so in need of a new one
any reccomendations

I recommend that you use the search feature of this forum :wink:.

thats a really nice frame :-o
i dont think you should repaint it


Painting it will incur the wrath. Beware.


new painttt so i guess the wrath will be incurred on me