First Fixie

My first project. learnt a lot whilst building it, still change things around from here. Tell us what you think? (dont ride the seat that low and pedals are temp)

nice job some easy tweaks are: raise seat, adjust the drops, get some straps. hows the bell go?

bell goes great, dont think id have a voice if i had to shout at every small child not paying attention whilst wandering across the bike paths around where I live haha,
Probably gonna get new drops and have black wrapping, dont think the brown works to well.
Thanks for the feedback though!

I too have a bell, we’re like twins!
pretty decent first ride man.

Your brake setup looks a bit awkward - mainly the cable routing looks weird haha. Not sure on your riding position but tilting the lever back a bit will give you much better access to it.

Parts list?

You could rename yourself Mashmellow.

Yeah, this was about 5 minutes after it was all set, seats higher now, bars tweaked, brake and cable tweaked and theres not that bit of cable sticking out now. Um, Parts list is a bit hard
Frame: Repco Traveller(not a clue what year)
Forks: Repco Traveller
Rims: Star Circle Deep V’s
Tires: Maxxis
cant remember any of the crankset or hubs (not at home at the moment)
Really was just a cheap start up, Looking to build a polo bike now, probably swap parts off this onto that and upgrade this bike :smiley: