First Fixie

Hey I’m planning to get a fixie for around $150 second hand, and I was wandering whether this bike would be worth the money or not. The brand is protour haven’t heard of it before :stuck_out_tongue:
Fixie Road Bike in Sydney, NSW | eBay

Welcome! I’m open to being shot down by others, but my $0.05 is get something cheap, get riding and run it into the ground while figuring out if you like to ride fixed gear or free, how you like to ride, how far and so on.

So do you believe I should get it?

For a first bike, for $80. no worries. Don’t expect it to last forever.
Just make sure you get some foot retention if you’re riding fixed.

Also if the dude has built it himself I would take it to a bike shop and get them to have a once over / tighten bolts etc if you don’t have the tools to do it yourself.


and I was wandering is the brand ‘protour’ any good?

It’s a tiny frame so unless you’re on the small side of average height I would reconsider.

The guy said that it fit him he’s 1.56m I’m 1.7m… is that a major difference?

^ Yeah, I reckon you need something a bit bigger.

Frame is tiny. 48cm frame will accomodate up to 1.54m max…assuming normal body proportions. It will be far too small for you I think

Alright thanks for the tip

It seems the frame had a “protour” logo on it before the guy resprayed it.

There is a thread on BNA forums which suggests protour frames were built in Adelaide by Southcott in the 1980s and early 1990s: BNA - Australian Cycling Forums • View topic - Protour frames. There is a chance the frame is Tange tubing, which would be pretty good for a $80 random bike. But the frame may have also just had a “protour” decal on it. Or it could have been some other random bike named “protour” - it’s not exactly a unique or original name.

As for the rest of the parts, these won’t be “protour” but will be random bits the dude pulled together + some standard cheapo ebay wheels which may or may not have sealed bearings (which you may want to ask the seller about directly).

Fuck if you’re 170cm you probably need a 53/4/5 ?

I’m 181 and I ride a 56TT (top tube) for my get around bike and 55TT for the roadie

175cm and on a 54 here - so I’d have to agree with everyone else, the frame seems small.

inb4 #buyacell

Great comments so far. The bike is indeed too small for you, OP. If you’re 170cm you’d be looking at a 53/54cm top tube. It’s always easy to jump on a tiny bike, but your back will reveal the truth in some weeks, if not days.

Does anyone know where I could get a cheap fixie $150? Second hand I checked gumtree and I don’t like any of them.

Where abouts are you? Melbs, Sydney - I’m guessing Sydney from the eBay posting?
I have a SE Draft in 54cm. Needs a new set of pedals you may want to bin the fenders and drops, but if your a Melb person - shoot me a PM if you’re keen.

Pay an extra $50 and get something with a warranty and half decent cranks - The BEST Beginner Fixie Bike Under $500

Can vouch for Cell fixies, mine was fine until it disagreed with a bollard.

Yea I’m from Sydney, all the nice fixies are in melbourne :frowning: