first impressions. of fixed gear

Just picked up my Lurker 30 minutes ago. And wow its a good thing I got brakes Haha, I couldn’t ride away Coz I couldn’t get my feet in the straps then I couldn’t skid so almost stacked it again lol. You guys make it look easy.

Also big thanks to Erik at gear Brisbane for putting up with my lengthy payment(didn’t know I had a transaction limit lol) and Fitting my Bo straps

**still had fun tho =D

does take a little while to get used to it, but once you are, it feels so much better.
one of my work colleagues recently went fixed, but then he tried to do an endo, stacked it, and broke his arm

Another thumbs up for Erik at Gear Brisbane for helping me out with obscure sized lockring issues.

Lurking for a while now, my fixed is almost complete, we’ll see how we go.

post some pics soon.
I’ll be nice whilst suggesting upgrades/suggesting you sell me some of the parts.

I really love the stem aye, you don’t see many pictures of it in the gran royale website or any of the blogs, but it’s pretty. =D
post pics of my bike tomorrow. no light at the moment :expressionless: (cameraphone)