first post.. my fixie.

Hey guys, first post on this forum…

Just got this thing sorted… chucked on a spare Dura Ace front wheel and bullhorns this morning to shave some weight as the old front wheel and bars weighed a ton - and I’m super unfit at the moment so any weight I can lose is good weight to lose. Still to come will be a new seat and seat post as this one is just so ridiculously uncomfortable. Other than that, it’s about how I want it. I haven’t got a car any more so this will be my daily driver for uni etc… I’m in Brisbane so if you see me on this around UQ at any point, come and say hi!


Looks good.

Nice and clean.

I work at UQ so no doubt I’ll see you round. Don’t mention to the bike shop there that you ride a fixie… they’re a pack of cvnts.

Haha, I’ve never once actually been inside that bike shop… now I know to keep that tradition going!

head into gear instead :wink:

say hi to erik, explain to him the benefits of running bullhorns. you might catch me in there to, im almost always in there these days due to being unemployed and such…

nice bike btw, whats the frame?