first time buying a frame from overseas!

I’m buying a merckx road frame/forks/headset online that’s being shipped from colombia (will the tubes be packed with cocaine? who knows) and have been quoted $400 US for insured/tracked shipping to aus, is this normal? I’ve never bought anything like this before and I’m completely new to the process

i had a smiliar issue trying to get my frame shipped from the US a few months ago and was quoted USD$400 (frame only).
i ended up being lucky enough to have my friend bring it back with her.

apparently it used to be cheaper but all the postage rates went up last year or something…

one option i was told about was mail forwarding so you could potentially look into that but i’m not sure how it would work from colombia but here’s a link >>>

good luck!

Way too much, don’t pay over $100AUD for postage under any circumstances! I paid $60US for my salsa frame to be shipped, thought that was about the norm.

USPS postage is pretty steep compared to many other countries. Don’t know about $400beans though. Jump on USPS website. I’m sure they have a postage calculator.

I’ve had quotes for frameset shipping from the US ranging between about $US80 to over US$700 but the last frame I brought in cost me around a hundred bucks for shipping. Some US sellers will only ship internationally via the international courier companies like UPS, DHL or Fedex and US$400 is in the vicinity of what they charge, based on volumetric weight with express delivery, tracking, insurance, customs clearance, signed door to door, etc etc.

The last frame I was looking at from the US (but didn’t buy) was going to be slightly more for shipping than the purchase price of the frame, but total was still going to cost well under aussie retail.

That said, if you’re buying it from Colombia (???) the couriers might be the only option (or it really is packed with cocaine and a mule is bringing it in).

Why not offset the postage costs with the sale of those couple of bags of coke hidden in the top tube? :mrgreen:

I bought a frame in from New York over xmas - the seller shipped by USPS and it cost around US$125 for tracked shipping. It arrived in about 10 days.

You bought it? Or plan to buy it? Surely you got a firm quote before pressing the ‘confirm bid’ button?!

Columbia isn’t the USA, so don’t compare their rates. Different countries have different postal regulations. Courier may be the only way they can ship it. Expect it to be held and checked by customs too.

thanks for all the replies! it’s not off ebay, he’s shipping it through TNT, and mentioned it might take a bit of time to get through customs. i’m getting it for my dad, for a resto project, so fingers crossed it all works out
thanks again :slight_smile:

I was looking at frames on ebay and the shipping was annoying. For a 57cm it was US $75 to Aus which isn’t bad. The same frame but 61cm was US $250 to Aus which was more than the frame.

I asked the seller if it was some kind of misprint and they replied saying that because the 61cm was larger they had to use a different kind of delivery which cost considerably more. Is that not crazy that a from a few cm bigger costs US $175 more to ship here?

Pricing for volumetric weight isn’t linear, just like it isn’t linear for shipping by actual weight. The freight firms and postal services have their different threshold volume weights for their different price points, mostly based on their revenue foregone by shipping a large volume but lightweight parcel when they could have earned more by shipping lots of small heavy parcels in the same space.

It’s not as fucked up as airline seat pricing.

paying for postage sucks, but the price will be long forgotten once you get the frame!

(the frame did arrive, yum)

i’ve got a blog up to track its/my/our progress with it
and if anyone has some NOS or 8/10 and up condition super record, pm me and i’ll take it off you :smiley:

Bumping this thread cos I got a question about getting a frame shipped to me from Europe.

With the US it’s easy, or, but from Europe I think I’ll have to use postal service. But I’m worried about the Australia Post parcel size limit being exceeded and them sending the package back to Italy. Does this still happen? Even if it’s going to a PO Box? If they send it back, what next? Anyone with any experiences/ideas, lemme know! Cheers!

What about DHL? I had a motorcycle top box and panniers shipped from Germany by DHL and it was very cost effective.

If you have an account with them it is cost effective but without an account they try to charge $600+ for a frame. I’m guessing that the motorbike stuff came from a store and not an individual.

What is the frame?? For the sort of $$ you’re planning on paying for post you could wait a bit and pick up the same thing in EU for a lot less $$. Shipping from there is nice and cheap. I paid $120 for my Olmo complete from Switzerland.