first video with 5D

ok this is the first video I’ve made with my 5Dmk2 mounted on my bike. It was more of a test to see lens choice and settings. One thing I did notice, its hard riding with a camera mounted on the front of your bike. Next video should be better.

fitzroy fixed on Vimeo

C&C welcome

Upgrade to Vimeo pro so we can see it in HD :slight_smile:

P.S Does the mk2 not shoot in native widescreen?

Okay then…


You mounted a $3000 camera on your bike?!?! And that’s just the cost of the camera body, add at least another $500 for a lens.

Holy bejesus.

And judging by how much you ride in the door zone it’s one stray door or pedestrian away from $3.50 worth of broken metal, glass and plastic.

Sweet video though :slight_smile:

Video needs more skids and barspinzzz

One of these does just as good of a job and is nearly bulletproof GoPro Official Store: Wearable Digital Cameras for Sports I’ve crashed tested mine a few times and they work well.

How did you mount it- the 5D is a big DSLR isn’t it?

ok , answers to questions. It does shoot wide screen, I just forgot to set the ratio to wide. I work professionally as photographer so its insured and my gear gets taken out to very hazardous places. Its got a 17mm lens on it so it looks like Im close to the parked cars from that perspective but Im far away enough if someone opens a door it’ll miss me. And I mounted it with a super clamp/spigot/tripod head(very heavy and awkward to ride with). And yes more skids and bar spins would be very cool.

Looked awesome… hope you do another!

hey there’s my fat ass. you should be thankful it isn’t hd.

not sure that handlebar mount is the way to go for this. a bit too rough to get a clean image. and yeah, only a test run so no fancy riding, though guessing sirLoin would be more than keen to get some footage of willing folk who can ride.

i’m awesome at getting flat tyres and crashing

you’re in!