First World Problems...

While us cyclists are getting abused, driven off the road and spat at, The Age feels the need to post this crap while the general population has an obesity crisis:

McDonald’s could be headed for a bun fight after shrinking the size of three of its burgers.

The buns of the Quarter Pounder, Double Quarter Pounder and McChicken burgers have all been reduced to ensure the products sold in Australia are the same as overseas.

Five cents has been cut from the price of the burgers but Melbourne IT worker Liam Kenneally said customers should have been told.

Seriously, WTF, the less kilojoules the better! :expressionless:

Let Them Eat Burgers.

and they did.

and they got fat.

A beggar came up to me the other day askin for money, and she was massive!!! surely she cant be hungry?

off topic, but beggars with dogs shit me cos i cant afford to own dog and they’re asking ME for money??

they have dogs to make you feel sorry for them, like you don’t care about the bum but its cruel to not let a dog eat.
buy them a can of dog food, that should shut em up.

it’s called value for money horatio, and as the dude rightly says, the sauce is all dripping out the burger now there’s less bread. but then he goes on to say he’s gonna swap to HJs. man those burgers are way saucier and drippier than McD’s. He’s in for a rude shock! guess he can complain about that then.

and the ring came off my pudding can :cry:

Whatever happened to natural selection?

penicilin cured it.

They leave me no option but to get custom double McChicken burgers :smiley:

Take my pen knife my good man! :slight_smile:

is there any chance the track could bend?

not on your life, my hindu friend!

I swear it’s Springfield’s only choice…
Throw up your hands and raise your voice!


is that the heifer that hangs around atms in melb?
I always see her and wtf

Next time suggest that if they are genuinely hungry, they eat the dog! :lol:

tbh on the incredibly rare occasions that I do eat at mcdonalds (about once-twice a year) it’s frustrating that a ‘burger meal’ actually is only half a meal because of the small size - often I need a burger meal and an additional burger just to feel remotely full.
(and at 6ft/75kg its not like I’m a fat bastard either)