Fisrt Fixie

Im thinking about getting a cheap old road bike and turning it into a fixie.
So ive lookd round ebay and these are the best ive found.

which one would you guys say is the best one to start riding fixie on?

Thanks any help apreatiated

it depends on where you are. ir’s silly to pay as much for postage as for the bike, better to wait and spend the money on parts.

if you’re in adelaide:
the last one looks good, depending on final price, but you would need a new rear wheel if you wanted to run fixed. it does have a brooks saddle, which is a bonus. it’d be fine to ride round as it is with the coaster brake for normal riding.

the SE road bike is ok, besides all that rust, which you would have to deal with. 531 is good, parts are ok.

im in sydney