Fitting cable in caliper issues.

So I was just swapping over my old ultegra caliper for the 6700 one and the cable started fraying a little when I tried to push it through the little hole in the new one. I don’t own a proper cable cutter (or anything that can cut them cleanly) and am now left with one brake to ride to the city tomorrow morning. Anyone got any ideas?
I can always cop it and rock the roadie skids until I get to my shop.

Unscrew the barrel adjuster. Feed cable in while turning adjuster the same way the cable is wound. This allows you to get the cable in and stops the cable from unfurling. The cable should be through now. Screw cable adjuster back in.
I’ve done it this way heaps and it always works.

EDIT: I think this is what you’re referring to.

No help from me, but I just did this, with the exact caliper.

if you can wind the cable back together make sure the end is clean and apply a drop of super glue… let it set properly and BAM cable won’t fray again and you can jam it through any hole you god dam like!!!

But that superglue will add micrograms to the weight of your bike!

that is true but you don’t need to use a cable end and they are much heavier than a little super glue!!

You’re on the money. My whole bike is held together by glue. It’s lighter than metal

Going to try your method now Nexus, cheers.

Hey it worked! Just twisted the barrel adjuster along the grain of the cable and pushed gently. Now I can finally have the superior braking power of the 6700 caliper which has a different actuation to my previous and should pair much better with my 6700 brifters. mmmm

My work here is done !