fitting randoneurs the right way - tread/siping

tried finding the answer to this, but can’t seem to find anything. Does the siping need to have ^ the point facing the front, or the open end v facing the front?


Point should hit the ground first.

Mine have a little arrow on the sidewall but yes (and generally) treads/grooves point it direction of rotation.

yeah I thought so, but I had to change my tyres last nite in a carpark, which was almost dark, and I wanted to get home, so I didn’t pay too much attention, not that I would have seen a little arrow any way.

Yeah they do a bloody good job of hiding those arrows.

mine’s on the wrong way at the moment as i put it on very late one night and couldn’t be arsed changing it.

it’s on the rear and i’m merrily skidding through it anyway. i don’t think it makes any real difference…

That’s what this guy thought…


hahah that was so stupid i was expecting catastrophic tyre blowout sending him over a cliff or something…that vid was better

The emergency wards are full of hipsters who thought this too.

can you please explain why i should turn it around then? i was under the impression that tread did fuck all anyway (not wanting to put words in Blakey’s mouth but isn’t that what he’s been saying recently?) and i believe the front tyre is more effective regardless.

i’ve ridden motorbikes and know this to be true.

ps - i’ve never been cool in my life so not sure i could be called a ‘hipster’. oh and i rarely walk my bike anywhere!