i think everything is sorted. now to find more sponsors. thanks to ianhuman/ryan for the poster and all the work he’s put in.

Sun 4th October, 3 to a team, $20 per team, turn up alone on the day and we’ll sort you out with some new riding buddies if you want.


Nice Flyer BTW.

does all entry moniez go into prize pool

Click the link for a closer look if you need to.

Is there a rule that Trackcunt and xbrendanx can’t be in the same team? Same goes for Heatseeker, x-campbell, etc, etc…

like a protour, there’s gonna be several different ‘jerseys’. i will make it nearly impossible for any one team to win more then one category. basically, at the start, you’ll want to make a decision if you want to go for one of the special categories, and make sure you get to those checkpoints before everyone else. hopefully everyone will spread out and we’ll get a real open field in some categories

does all entry moniez go into prize pool?

depending on how many sponsors we can organise and the weather, and also how many riders, it will either go towards refreshments at the end, and/or be prize money. we’ll skim a little off the top to cover printing costs. we’ll send the winner to cmwc

Currently already in the process of recalling the Dream Team members.

You’re lucky I can’t race in my own alleycat :wink:



How many have you won?

I don’t want to scare you with how many Dream Team have chalked up in individual wins.

Ha ha ha. Get fucked.

P.S. I love you

not to mention on the road and/or track…


I guess some of us choose to have lives… :wink:

. . . . . . and do backward circles? :wink:

…well…thats all the time we have left.


think i get in from japan that day. i’ll try and make it.

Why do you think we waited until the 4th to run it? It’s all for you McKenny.

i’m scared of ever giving DC any more crap ever… you know, just in case those lasers are real…

i hope there some lonesomes to ride with me…
im fair quick when i wanna be, dont all get up at once!