Fixed 300 for Neville- March 9th

A few of us are doing a fixed 300 ride this Saturday to raise some coin for Cam McFarlane’s motorpacing bike, and also Jrn cycling development. We’re having a BBQ and beers at the Harrison st Velo from 6pm Saturday at the finish of the ride. It’d be cool to get some people to come down and hang out- there’ll be some track racing if you want to pin a number on or you can have a coke with Duggan and a beer with the rest of us.

More detales here:!/events/335974046508601/

Also if you want to meet us along Beach rd and ride in with us that’d be tops.

Someone mentioned meeting you guys down beach road. Any expected time you’ll be in franga ?

yeah i might roll down to mordialloc or black rock. what’s the ETA?

We’re leaving Fed square at 4:30am- hoping to crank out as many k’s in the morning as posible and then take it easy/get through it. It’ll be up in the air and we’ll plan on keeping people up to date via the event page and prob the Saint Cloud Racing page on FB on our progress and intended arrival time. If you want to pm your number to either me or Duggan then we can text you. I’m hopefull we’ll be leaving Franga by 3/4pm rolling into HSV by 7 ish…

Sounds good - depending on the day’s plan I might roll down and lead you out to HSV!

can some one redo the image link for matty, he fails at foa

i’m sure a mod can fix it in the OP

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best. flyer. ever.

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if this was the actual poster, and gene was actually in it, I would watch it 300 times.

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I’ve been told that if Gene pikes out early he has to pin a number on that night in penance.

Also - come down to the velodrome and cheer these guys on when they arrive. 300kms in a day is a serious knock, let alone doing it fixed.

High fives and cold beers/cokes will definitely be earnt at the end of it.

lolz. where is blakey when you need him?



Yep - shit’s getting real. The route is here.

Draft itinerary is as follows:

04:30 - Roll out Fed Sq - 0 km
05:45 - Werribee - 34 km
08:30 - Geelong - 82 km
09:30 - Portarlington - 114 km
11:30 - Queenscliff - 148 km
12:00 - FERRY TO SORRENTO - 40 min ferry ride (we might be a chance as the 11AM ferry if we’re lucky)
12:40 - Arrive Sorrento
13:15 - StAndrews - 162 km
14:00 - Flinders - 184 km
14:20 - Shoreham - 190 km
15:30 - Crib Point - 215 km
16:00 - Hastings - 225 km
17:00 - FRANKSTON - 250 km
17:45 - Mordialloc - 265 km
18:00 - Black Rock - 275 km
19:00 - Fed Square - 295 km
19:15 - HARRISON ST VELODROME - 300 ish km - Drink beer. Watch racing. Be merry.

Fuck me, this is bullshit. Times are approximate and assuming us averaging about 22 km/h. #zeromechanicals

We’ll probably average higher than this, but there’s going to be punctures and other stops guaranteed.

Yeah that’s a big day at any time of year, on any kind of bike. With 32 max on Saturday and probably northerly winds that’s gonna be a big effort indeed.

Good luck with it.

If people are joining in along the way, check out a smartphone app called Glympse. You’ll be able to send other people a link to a realtime map showing where you are.