fixed CBR

'nother ride happening in the berra soon:

more details soon…

that first post was vague…vague as, bro…

so yeah, thursday 19 feb…evening time…but yeah, more info soon

Fug it… can’t make this vague as ride.

cant make it either.
it’s my birthday so family dinner times :roll:

i’m new in Berra and missed the last ride but should be free to do this one.


What pub did you lads go to last meet?

Thursday is ace for me.

what time is good for you guys that are interested? I was thinking 5.30 or 6. at the legislative assembly in civdog.
Let us know what you all prefer, and what works better.
enjoy the weekend.

What about that them there drain sprints…cant wait trying to work oujt the perferct ratio…Peking not too early anr not to late just enough to leave some dust…Sat 21feb lyneham drains near cycle city…ohh yer.

Thursday 19 Feb.
legislative assembly.
Cruisy ride. more info at

the more the merrier.

Also, thanks to luketherider for the awesome use of english grammar in the previous post. I really got that I’m drunk and in the moment feeling just from reading it.

I think what he was talking about was an event called:

King Of The Drains.

Sat Feb 21. 4pm. Lyneham Drains.

As the event suggests, 1 on 1 drain racing. BMX, single speed, fixed.

It ain’t anything that i have organised, so all I know is that
looks pretty fun. I’ll be out of town sadly, but get down there to support what looks like will be a very fun event.

And come riding thursday as well.

Yer thats the one i mean. Was i drunk? yes saturday night 3 kids under 6(all asleep at the time); not my turn to be out (otherwise id be ridin’) . and now that i attempt to read my last post ,damn i look isabella plains born and raised. Work late thursday(till 9) but see you all there. what gear ratio do you think would be the best for sprinting?.

See youse on the steps at 6.

(Sorry, a li’l bit of Isabella Plains creepin into me grammar…)

looking at that route… you arent tempted to head up the back of majura? what time do you get to wig? i am fixedless, but wouldnt mind meeting up anyhow.

map is just a guideline. if dudes want to ride some other way, then so be it, that’s where we ride.

we’ll be at wig by 8, i’d say.
all are welcome.

Good ride today, and Debacle pizza fueled ride home!

Tried logging onto the blogspot page, it’s fvcked. Just a small square of text in the middle of my screen and no ‘sign in’ button. Has someone stuffed with the HTML???

Anyhoo, enough nerdism, see you all again soon.

letting my inner IT geek shine through, sign in with the appropriate account

I hacked the CSS up ever so slightly, so text doesn’t disappear under the scrollbar to the right. I still dig the slightly too-hard, too-minimal style :slight_smile:

Cool. All good now. I put some photos up for everyone to enjoy. And I changed the format so that it actually shows up on my computer, hope it’s still looks hard and minimalist enough and doesn’t look like we’ve sold out!?!?!?!? :lol: