fixed chat???

im just throwing it out there, but who likes the idea of having one of those little chat bars at the bottom of fixed? i dunno if its easy to do but could make selling/buying/general fun easier. :smiley:

as i said just throwing it out there



Easier to heckle. . .

wouldn’t that be wicked expensive… like hosting wise?

hi2u. butsechs!!!

can you give an example? if anything I would have thought a dedicated chat page would work better. I’m sure there’s plenty of open-source packages that could be installed or third party services that you can embed. hosting wise it shouldn’t use much bandwidth since it’s all just text. dunno what sort of plan this site is hosted on but they tend to be tens to hundreds of GB a month and I can’t imagine we’d be using anything like that.

I’ve seen a couple of sites (can’t recall exactly where :roll:) that have a chat column on the RHS → that’s permanent on every page. If you got one of those fuckers then some folk would probably want to beable to turn it off with a big [x]. Limit your participants to one post every 1m or 30s and you’ll be fine.

Oh wait the haxx0r coding kids are into it – the ‘oneliner’ box down the RHS.