Fixed for christmas?


I’ve made my dad a fixed gear for christmas. There was a serious shortage of bikes his size in the paper (59-63cm) so I just went with a good TT measurement and found an old Raleigh. Like super old. Cottered, steel cranks (replaced), rivetted copper headbadge (made in England), weinmann centrepull brakes (left both on), fully chromed frame. The bike must have been garaged since day one - the chrome is in perfect condition.

The last two numbers of the serial number are 57. Does this mean it was made in '57? It originally had simplex shifty stuff.

It’s a classic rat bike conversion, severed and inverted bars, used the original levers on the ends of the bars looking awful, respaced and redished rear wheel and a rotafixed 15t sprocket (39t up front, original SR flat pedals).

The seat tube and headtube are both too short but the stem and seatpost probably have enough insertion for him not to die.

Pix? After christmas. If he doesn’t like it (highly likely) I’ll put a freewheel on instead.

  • Joel