fixed gear clothing (Swrve)

Anyone checked these guys out?

They are a little speciality fixed gear clothing shop based in LA. I ordered some stuff from them last week and it just came in. The gear is great! I ordered two hiding hoodies and the cotton knicks.

Their online store doesnt handle overseas orders well (it automatically charges $90 for orders outside US!), but the owner emailed me (without prompting) and apologised for the error and reduced the delivery charge to $30.

Couldn’t recommend this place enough. Finding local fixed gear fashion is tough :stuck_out_tongue:

How is this clothing specific to fixed gear cycling? What advantages would these clothes give over normal cycling clothes?

If they can invent a pair of pants that automatically rolls the right leg up when I ride, so I don’t forget… then get pants shredded in the chain :x I could be interested.

Or pants that pedal for you and a hoodie that steers, now ya talk’n

It’s NJS.

call me crazy but i like to wear cycling clothing that i can walk around in while not on my bike and not look like a dill. fixed gear clothing tends to look a lot more “cooler” than usual cycling gear (lycra). its based on NYC bike messenger fashion.

in pants they mostly sell 3/4 knick shorts to avoid the pants getting chomped in your chain.

the clothing has cycling specific advantages over normal street wear like longer backs in the tops and breathable material.

look, not everyone is into it. i just posted for those who would be.

im a noob…what does NJS mean?

Nifty Japanese Shit

the rapha gear is nice , but really pricey

yeah…def. i picked up the fixed short and long sleeved tshirt from Rapha. Id love to get the fixed knicks but id need to sell my car.

There’s still nothing fixed gear specific about the clothes. How could clothes be fixed specific anyway?

how is skatewear “specific” to skateboarding? its not…but its what skaters wear and how they identidy themselves. fixed gear “fashion” has features to make cycling more comfortable, but no it makes no difference wearing it on a multi-gear or fixed gear bike…but its the kind of clothing that many fixed gear riders in the fixed subculture over there wear. while it has history based on the bike messenger scene in NYC and other US capitols, if you asked them how is it specific to riding fixies they couldnt answer you.

its just fashion and trying to dissect why people where certain clothes in different subcultures seems a bit pedantic. if you are into it, cool…if not, then dont worry about it.

Edit: I just got my issue of Cog#2 of dutchwallpaper today and realised there is an article about Swrve in there and why they came up with their clothing range for bike riders.

I think you misinterpreted me. I’m not criticising the clothes or the fashion or the ‘scene’. You said “They are a little speciality fixed gear clothing shop”.

I’m saying clothes can’t be fixed gear specific.

But then you said “fixed gear ‘fashion’ has features to make cycling more comfortable, but it makes no difference wearing it on a multi-gear or fixed gear bike”.

So I guess we agree?

Hoodie with short front-long back could be a good idea, but would it feel awkward when not on a bike?

Also its kinda funny that they brag about ‘YKK’ zippers, even though ykk are used on pretty much every single piece of clothing with a zip :stuck_out_tongue:

Its good that someone is trying to enterprise by making clothing suitable to cycling, but also wearable in normal every day conditions.

sorry when i said “speciality fixed gear clothing shop” i meant thats what they specialise in…clothing for the fixed gear subculture. i didnt mean the clothing is specific for fixed gear riding. i wasnt very clear.

yes we do agree…its impossible to make clothing which is specific for fixed gear compared to multigear. but i like wearing it on the bike and it looks good. :slight_smile:

Anyone know of anything similar to this a bit closer to home?

nope…and ive looked. hence my search on the net for overseas shops. online ive only really found: in the US, and in the UK.

there are probably a few japanese shops as the fixie scene is big there but i cant read japanese and cant be bothered translating every page using google language. :smiley:

An LA based company kocking off NYC style?

Is there a Melburn /Sydney equivalent?

They look like my woolistic knicks that I used when SF/NYC… and have had the arse
resewn multiple times…

is lycra REALLY that bad.


in a word… yes :wink:

these are nice, they’re also 150 clams :cry:

they’re also very turbonegro.