fixed gear in films, music and literature

in the latest Why? album, Alopecia on the track simon’s dilemma.
‘don’t pretend you didn’t see me, coming round the bend, on my fixie with the chopped horns turned in, trailing behind your biodiesel benz’

i thought it might be pointless but amusing, to keep a record of this stuff

gonna hijack the thread here, but is that album worth the purchase? anticon stuff is sorta hot and miss.

Sounds forced.

did you like elephant eyelash? it’s similar, i couldn’t say whether i liked it more or less yet. i didn’t buy it anyway. :roll:

also i heard the next james bond movie will open with a 5 minute chase sequence through paris of bond on a velib bike chased by ninja’s on fixed gear bikes,
kindof like this

or i could have made it up, but it would be funny…

courtesy of bike snob, fixed gear erotica. lol

Oh god.