Fixed Gear Movies

on another thread someone said something like on 75% of new track movies etc etc… i didn’t thenk there were so many movies around what are the names of a few? i have pedal, mash and bootleg sessions but are there others that are similar and if so what are they? please let me know on preferences and your opinions about them as well. cheers.

bray :slight_smile:,7170.0.html

these are not track movies. these are fixie movies. sometimes they feature track bikes.

‘the impossible hour’ is a track movie.

there was that flying scotsman piece of rubbish

This one is my favourite.

I think you can get it at one of the bike shops in elizabeth street.

Fixed Gear Movies Released:
Fast Fridays
Bootleg 1,2,3
Council of Doom

Currently Being Released:
No Cassettes
Death Pedal

I re-watched Council Of Doom the other night.

I really don’t like it.

Has anyone got a copy of MASH that I could ‘borrow’?
I think I’m the only person that hasn’t watched it… :x

i was pretty sure that there were a couple of japanese ones out as well. in fact im sure ive seen one of them… all i remember was circus-bike gear ratios.

Its really not worth it, its like a Hipster SanFrancisco tourism film

Porn is more rewarding.

It’s on Channel 7 at 5 o’clock this arvo.

:? i dont get it?

ah but of course :wink:

okay not track movies but you know what i mean. track movies as well but guys riding around on the fixed gear bikes doin tricks and flying through traffic. that okay xbrendanx??

thanks gypsy, nikcee, iwearmoccos

i am renowned for my pedantry.

the revival looks like it will be good.

if you are in melbourne you will soon find out… if in adelaide slightly later… i havent asked if bris/syd were doing anything.

abit out of the loop, but whats happening in melbourne?

i don’t know what he’s talking about, but pony bikes is screening a very good movie tomorrow night: