Fixed gear music atrocity

Skip to 2.49 and spare your ears the pain. Who would have thought the aliens would ride fixed? No gravity is the new brakes?


Why where you listening to this in the first place?

The joys of a 15 year old sister.

The jared Leto one is worse

I actually really like this song.
I don’t know why I say ‘actually’ like I have to explain it to you.

Also, the fixie riding alien hipsters are more human than the freaks making the film clip.

I don’t either? I’m not judging nor do I actually give a shit whats on you ipod… well I do but only if you’re the dude who sat next to me on a packed train and watched anime porn at ridiculous volume on his fancy iphon 4.

Sorry, I didn’t realize you were looking at my phone, jeeez

S’ok… please stop rubbing my thighs next time.

You should be more forceful, asking nicely just makes me want to do it mo---- aww this is getting creepy.

Hope your kidding thats fucking weird, normally when someone does something really awkward next to me I text someone and let them ‘accidently’ see the text saying “Some freak is next to me”… normally shuts them up.

man, Kelis really phoned in that ‘acting’ performance.

i like catchy pop more than i’d normally care to admit, but doesn’t it even have a hook. if this is the future of pop music and space-travel. fuck this and fuck nasa.

McKenny at your best, new sig

haha, thanks, i think

Apparently failure is an option.