fixed gear on the out?

So I’ve noticed some track gear selling online for cheap lately, are people over it?
Like the sugino track cranks with 5 chainrings for $125, campy record track wheelset laced to mavic clinchers $250 (i pushed the price up $50 on that one, sorry buyer), dura ace track cranks $70, cinelli pista bars $35. These are like prices stuff sold for a couple of years ago.
The past year prices have been crazy, but stuff has been really reasonable lately.

missed out on those cinelli drops by $2!
it’ll be on the way out when people stop joining the site to ask WICH FIXI @ GET?, and when you can no longer get track bikes on tshirts in myer

I think people have got the shits with paying premiums for vintage parts. Many people are getting into fixed gear riding via freinds and are getting hooked up with parts etc. OR they are daily commuters getting in on the craze and get sucked into the OFF-THE-SHELF bikes, because they wouldnt know a chainring from a headset and can’t be eff’d learning or putting it together themselves. I can elaborate a shitload on this but can’t be fucked.

Looks like it’s time to head back to Ebay. Quick, tell everyone!


This thread just drove the prices back up. :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

you can say that now you’ve had the clearout eh Gyppo?

The recession must have something to do with it too… until of course, the Kevin handout begins…

cold weather setting in, people have had their summer lovin’