Fixed Gear Sites

Thought we could compile a list of favourite fixed/bike sites?

The ones i check everyday are:

Also just recently found:

(btw did a search couldn’t find any other posts with this; I’m happy to be corrected)

This site has a pile of blogs on one page

yeah its got some good ones
a comprehensive list would be good…

some good stuff here…

I like reading:

Andy! Are you trying to kill us all? If that had been an actual working link it would have sucked us into a black hole. It’s like typing google into google!


Check out the custom builds v nice

just came across this there are some amazing custom builds


how do you turn?

Same as a car.
I mean, I think.

^somehow the bars look connected to something which is either in the tubing or on our blindside.
It then appears from the chainring and attached to the front wheel.

it’s a steering linkage which is slightly obscured by the top tube, same way a cargo bike works.