Fixed gear "specific" jeans.

Another “collabo”. This one is from NZ. Tight and shiny skinny, just how you guys like em.

yeh, i don’t get it.

i dont see any anti-crotch blowout or pre-bent knee features. both are really useful for regular riding…

no belt loop or pocket re-inforcement.

yes super stretchy lycra is nice but it dramatically decreases the life of your jeans in high wear points.

the hi-vis screening is a neat touch.

a frienddid a lot of research into this topic.

i have a prototype pair of these that are on another level to any other jeans ive ridden in.

oh and i’d love me some waxed cotton pants for winter…

I scored a pair of waxed, cotton pants from an op shop which are ok, but I found the best for winter are the op shop, wool pants I scored and cut down. $8-10 bucks will get you decent pair from an op shop/Savers. Save your money for bike parts.

true… i always keep my eye on the business pants section of op shops for that reason.

i still wouldnt mind some waxed cotton…

I’d like to try these jeans.

Outlier make some deluxe pants and other stuff:

Rapha too: - only $245 :-o

I’ve found that since riding fixed, I’ve blown out all my jocks in record time - any reinforced gusset dacks made by anyone out there?

Yeah, they’re called knicks. :stuck_out_tongue:

NOT an option, though if you see me looking like I’ve crapped my pants - suspect the worst…

Me too. I’m in Perth though :\

seriously, give knicks a go. I put it off for ages, and now I start to sweat and shake if I can’t find mine before a ride. Also, bibs: the BEST invention ever. I’ve considered just wearing them as normal underwear…

+1. Knicks under what ever you want to wear… can’t beat 'em.

Cactus WK Supertrouser – canvas! – they’re made for climbers, but they ride well enough too. Close to indestructible and pretty weatherproof. But they can be a bit stiff before you wear them in (yes in, not out) and they’re not so good in the summer months:

mmm, stewing in your own bacteria…

crotchal man soup

man mushrooms.

Nothing a generous slather of Bepanthan can’t cure.

prediction: knicks that look like Jeans will be all the rage (again)

been there, done that. blakey probably has photos.

why does that not surprise me? (I mean that as a compliment !!!)

where da pics :wink: