Fixed in Brisbane?

Who can give me the low-down of fixie riding in Brisbane?

Check your PMs - but to be more public …

There is a limited fixed scene here in Brisbane that I know of. None of the city messengers ride fixed. A group have made contact through forums and word of mouth and met up for rides, photos are up here.

Others are out there - we are still making contacts. Our rides are random, organised through e-mail contact, interested please PM me.

Peter Mc

Thanks…I have a loud voice, so will be sure to spread the word.

OK heads up, a brisbane fixie ride is happening soon. NO idea where I am riding to, but I can at least organise a start point.

A Brisbane ride is happening soon, this Saturday! We usually meet in town (QUT at Goodwill bridge to be specific) to keep things simple.

What date are you moving up here? Have you made any progress on which suburb you want to live in yet?

I don’t know where Goodwill bridge is, and I don’t even have a bloody house yet. I will be up in Brisbane from March onwards…but will be up searching for homes in about 2 weeks. Keep me updated on the rides…

Is the BNE fixed group still riding, when, where?
(BTW there is at least one city courier riding fixed).


there are now 6 messengers riding fixed in brisbane.
that’s about half of all the messengers in bris :slight_smile:
don’t know about the fixed rides if they are still happening or not, but you can catch most of us at post office square during the day if you look for us there.
i’m on either a red or a yellow framed fixie, or maybe a redline. come say hi.

Shall do. My ride is a shiny metal thing with lots of red bits. Just SS at the moment, until I get the Eno hub loaded.


After a couple of months of course setting, travel commitments etc, I expect be back to my standard lone, or lone plus 1 or 2, fixed ride schedule - start at city end of Goodwill Bridge, 0600 Wednesdays, 0700 Sundays - from this weekend.

Wander along

ah memories… no gloves, one layer of clothes (instead of 8), not having to warmup after coffee… and the urban grind mmm

I’ll try for this Wednesday, but you might shun me on the current SS/no-fix setup.


I’ll be there Sunday…thinking out to the Uni, New bridge, Dornoch (downhill) and on for coffee…what say you?

Sorry, didn’t make it. Got the chain tensioner on now, and it works! :smiley:

I"ll be up for a sunday ride :smiley:

Riding tomorrow Rogaine ? See you there.


One day…I’ll be back…one day.

Like Spiderman, eh Rhino :wink:

?? too cold ?? - rolled out at 0605

Yeah sorry man. Kids and wife have the flu so we were up a good part of the night, there was also a fire, a flood, a plague of raining frogs…

Next week.

Also thinking about a monthly fixed/ss event in Brisso. Stand by.