Fixed Mag Issue #4 download.

A PDF of the latest issue of Fixed Mag (Issue #4) can be downloaded here.

Thanks… lots of great links in that mag…

im trying to find a link to issue one. anyone know of a link.
thanks in advance

it is goneeeeeeeee :evil:

PM me your email. I still have the PDF on my pc. I’ll email it to you. :slight_smile:

link for issue 2 is here

tried looking for no.1 but cant find it
found this link but its dead. :oops:

any one hve issue one they can email me?

Here you go, I just uploaded it to my own host thing. I’ll probably delete it at the end of today, so anyone who wants it better get in quick.


I have a few copies of issue one, I can send if you like. PM me.
Picked them up in London last year.

thanks, something to do besides uni homework

sweet more distraction from uni work

thanks so much, mad distraction from 2 periods of english.

thanks for the link :slight_smile:

If any one wants some back issues let me know.

thank you for those back issue links!


I am missing Issue #3
Anyone have a link?

great little read. Thanks guys.

Did you check the Fixed Mag website?

Here you go - Fixed Mag #3

thank for the link and save the paper & environment

Thanks so much for all the links, the mags are sweet as :smiley: