Fixed mudguards

for fear of not being fashionable… any tips of fitting a mudguard to a track bike, I mean a permanent mudguard not some cheap piece of plastic.

Well first question - do I get clearance with standard short-reach Ultegra brakes to fit a mudguard on a road fork (Gios Team edition) reasonably tight fork

second - what do I do about attachments, no bolt on eyelets on an NJS frame I am afraid. So how do I get that to work? Get metal fitting that rap around the frame maybe? where from? Or just get those plastic fittings that some mudguards have that rap around a friends (not a fan).

Haters welcome, quite happy to argue with you and get my quota of postings so I can sell my phil woods later.

Hey I reckon these might work:

SKS Race Blade clip-ons?

Or the Zefal version?

I’ve used neither.

Mud guards and unsealed hubs = hybrid :smiley:

mudguards in winter = dry arse

You can do it (maybe) but it’ll be compromised (at best) and look shit. Raceblades, and plastic fenders that are squeezed in are a waste of money. Fitting fenders to a proper track bike is an exercise in frustration and futility.

Either opt for 650b’s and fudge it or build up a bike that has the clearance needed.

Don’t get me wrong I applaud your wishing to fit fenders to your bike but I’m just being frank in saying it’s gonna be very tricky and won’t work as it should. There’s so many frames out there that’ll easily accomodate your needs.

a friend of mine went to a huge amount of trouble to fit an 8 speed hub gear to a time trial frame, for commuting.

things like this, ie: mudguards on a track bike, make me wonder if this is how new types of bike are pioneered for the future.
mostly i think not though- there’s now a bike for every purpose, so if you have space/$ for more than one bike, why make awkward compromises?

either way i think the quick-release zefal plastic ones are pretty good for the job, on the back at least.

If you want a rear fender that you can clip onto a track frame, Planet Bike clip on fenders are great. Half the price of SKS Raceblades and have more adjustment. I have a SKS raceblades and my girl has the PB ones. I like hers more.

My bikes won’t allow me to run a front guard because of clearance, but I’ve had no issues clipping the rear one on and getting it to sit nice and close to my rear wheel on my bikes.

To make them a bit more permanent, used cable ties.

I only use mine when the rear bad weather sets in. I don’t leave it on there all the time.

Also, they may rattle a bit, but it’s not terrible.

That’s my two cents anyway.

Thanks guys, that kinda confirmed my initial thoughts. Maybe I’ll just get a rear for now and then I’ll get myself bike number 6 later…

Crud Racers are the only way to go- as per previous post.
Bought a pair back from the UK last year- only fitted a back one but work very well in the torrential rain we’ve had.
The SKS ones will not work with close clearance- cruds will - pretty sure evil bay has them too.

On the bay here for about $40 a set posted from the UK

I ran full guards on my track commuter bike for quite some time - there was enough clearance for the rear - zip tied to the rear bridge and downtube - for the front I ran a road fork to provide enough clearance.

So its been done before and works fine if you can work out ways to get the clearance issue sorted.


Ok, since the other thread got closed, here’s some SKS Race blades for A$65-ish shipped to Aus.

Sorry for the dig but recently I been getting a wet arse. Ive also seen a courier around Eureka towers lately who has a proper rear fender attached to his track bike (bike is white if anyone knows it - hi if you are here dude). This has got me wondering again if I could fir something like a SKS p35. I plan to put it on the Paconi/Watsonia.

I get that the front will be impossible but is there a chance i could fit it on the rear?

I feel like you’ll run into problems with clearing between the rear stay bridge with something like the SKS P35s. As an alternative, I’d suggest the Crud Road Racer mudguards. I ran them for a few months on one of my track bikes and I must say they worked incredibly well. All you need is >5mm between the tyre and the bridge/seat tube and you’ll be all sweet.

yea thats what i thought. Will look into the crud road racers.

here is an interesting bit of info…

if your front wheel is so close to your frame that there is no way you can get a fender in then… the frame will act as a fender…!
i used to run a ghetto fender on my track bike ( can’t be arsed riding in the rain no more ) and didn’t need a front one because the frame acts like a fender any way…
the ghetto fender sits on the brake bridge is ugly as fuck and you take it off when not needed!

i never used to get wet feet from the front wheel thanks to the frame tire clearance…

fornt fender

ghetto fender held on with a little bit of velcro
simple cheap and effective

kane that’s not a fender it’s a bloody aerofoil!

hahah it’s an aero fender!!

and i did say it was ugly!