Fixed on free?

Can I easily stick a smaller cog the free side of my flip flop hub for roller racing tonight? Can’t be arsed changing my gearing once I’m there, and don’t really want to ride there on 90+ gear inches brakeless.

On my velocity hub the dish or the spacers must be diferent on each side. Changes by about 10+ mm.

Yeah, you were saying the other day.

I’m sure I’ve ran it fine before though.

Oh yeah, It’s a Formula hub.

Maybe I should stick the Aerospoke on there!

Im driving through the city in 20 mins I can drop of my ten tone chain whip and lock ring tool off if you want?

Thanks, but Jamie’s got his whip if I need it.

Yeah, you’ll be fine having it on the free side for roller riding

you’ll be fine for roller racing, it’s not like you’ll be busting some mad skids on the rollers.


Although, I was thinking of busting out one of these at the end…

Just occurred to me - wouldn’t it be huge advantage to run a high ratio on rollers, since there’s barely any resistance?

Or are these rollers with a bit of resistance?

I’ve only ridden a rollerrace once, on the bikes at the Deus swapmeet, and the lack of resistance made it a crazy spinfest. With a high gear, you’d win the race in seconds, if the machine didn’t explode first.

Yeah, that’s exactly why any roller race should require that the riders have the same gearing!

ha just re-read the first post, he’s talking about riding TO the rollers, not ON the rollers. duh.

So yeah, I stuck a 14t on the free side of my hub for about 92" (bit taller than the 75.7" I rode there on). They capped the gearing at 93" 96"or something like that. The sprocket on the free side worked perfectly. I managed to qualify at 26.91 seconds (over 500 metres) and I came 4th out of 28(ish) riders. The majority of them from cycling clubs (and in lycra). I was kinda surprised because I only ride on the road to work (and on Tuesday nights etc), I don’t race track or road or anything.

But rollers are fun as shit. The lack of resistance is fun as hell. Can’t wait for the next one.

Me and the Big Chipper in the qualifying round…

Thanks to -tim for “holding” me.

EDIT: I was actually running 94.5" on the rollers and 77.8" on the way there.

Plenty of time for spooning next friday. :stuck_out_tongue:

It was a good night. Everyone was handicapped based on their qualifying times which worked out suprisingly well. Gave a hubbard like me (qualifying time of 27 secs) the chance to beat a state trackie (qualifying time of 21secs)!!!

Yep that is correct, 500m in 21 seconds. Even if the rollers are slightly inaccurate that is pretty impressive!

After the alley cat you’re participating in?