- 1st Birthday!

Dear all,

I never really thought this site would last the distance, but she has, and in fine form indeed! According to my keen research skills, the first post was on the 20th of November, 2005 - You can read it for nostalgic purposes here:

So, at 853’s suggestion, maybe a birthday bash is in order? Unfortunately I am 26,000km’s away, but I thought I would start this thread, and maybe some ideas will pop up, or a studious event manager will decide it is a worthy celebration to organise.

The adsense ‘kitty’ is running at about $65USD dollars, which at the current rate, one would assume will be double or triple at least by the 20th of November.

So my suggestion may be that there could be BBQ’s/drinks/whatever in Victoria and Queensland sometime near the 20th of November. I can’t remember how many Canberrians (does that word exist?) there are, but if there are a few and they want to do something also, then raise a hand. In fact, that goes for any state, but as far as I’m aware, Victoria and Queensland are the biggest on this board.

So… This is just putting the idea out there - Do with it as you will! But as I always say… If there is something going on someone send me photos :slight_smile:

bis sp?ter,


I am sure that us QLD’ers can organise something Nick.

Birthday hey… I think this requires a cake, a 72t chain-ring cake! And an event, another bring-out-the-lurkers event like the Vic Markets. Thinking time…

I can talk to my mates down the butchers, see if I can get a good price on some goumet snags! whooopla gourmet :lol:
Went back and read that thread, makes me wish I’ve been here from the start, and it’s great to see other people have too.

Did we actaully manage to get that $65US…or did we end up with nil.

Brisbane will do ‘something’ to celebrate the year, and we will try to organise the hour ride or a BBQ on Sunday the 19th November (as close to the 20th as possible).

Its funny to read that first string of posts…Primz, 853, NDF, Rougedubb and Myself…that was a long time ago.

Ndf…the n00b.

I will hold down the celebrations here - don’t you worry.

  • Joel

Should we agree…that MELB, BNE and CANB all do something on Sunday 19th November???

nope, unfortunately google kept their $$

oh well, i will celebrate in germany for sure. i imagine my celebrations will be a lot like the northern territory celebration however :slight_smile:


google took away our adsense account for click fraud, so we lost the $$ we made…