at the brunswick track open!

So, you have a track bike, right? And you occasionally head down to the velodrome to roll around and take some pictures, right? Well, now it’s time for you to give back to the community!

The Brunswick Track Open is on Saturday the 30th January. It has become tradition for to sponsor races. Last year we were responsible for the “I’m A Potato” B Grade Scratch Race, and the “Buy A New Bike” A Grade Scratch Race.

This year I’m thinking the “Siq Barspinzz” Handicap, the “Don’t Flame Me Bro” Keirin and the “Industrie Fixed Gear” Elimination. But this sponsorship (and their hilarious names) depends on your donations!

If you are interested, please send five, ten or even twenty bucks to paypal and I’ll work it out. Should be a great evening and fully sick racing.

Cash to me in person, Paypal to ndf at undershorts dot org or

You should also come down on the day and watch! The highlight will likely be the 100 lap Henry Hill Motorpace. Folks will be dropping like flies.

Feel free to repost in all of your networks.

How about the ‘25 post minimum’ 25 lap scratch race, or the ‘Jolan’s music thread’ Pursuit?

I’m A Potato

Buy A New Bike

The rest

only taking name suggestions from those who have donated…

You know I’m good for it.

How much do I need to donate for a “JLN’s music thread” pursuit? :wink:

150 will give you sole naming rights to a race.

however, if you chip in 20, i’ll lobby hard on your behalf…


I’m poor til next week.

But i’m seriously considering it.

The silliness of this appeals to me.

Money forthcoming…

hmmm, maybe the ‘Heatseeker Handicap’.

now this i could get behind.

what would be the special twist? if a scratchmarker wins it do they get a new pair of sneakers?

“25 post minimum” is a cracker.

Industrie fixed gears have already got enough free exposure. I had my first set of Industrie Fixed Gear dudes come into Gear Brisbane yesterday and quiz me about how to do a skid. They seriously had the impression that you just stop pedalling and it pulls a mad skid bro.

“What have you done to your bike today” Hipster Points Race

Hell, whoever wins it gets a pair of Vans Fixies.

But you have to race in skinny jeans and an ironic shirt with 200mm wide risers.

been there, done that…


That was lycra, not denim. But it’s the ultimate in skinny jeans, so you win king of the hipsters. Plus you did ride your street bike too.

and did my worst flying 200 time ever.

anyways, who has donated? I’m hoping a bunch of kids who just bought industrie bikes will have enough spare change to chip in…

Sloppy Turd points race? Bonus points for crossing the line with a skid?

no. but if you’re lucky i’ll do a mono over the line.

lol at the industri bikes
they any good?

wrong thread, matey.

if anyone chooses to discuss industrie bikes in this thread i personally will punch them in the balls and/or vag, dependent on gender.