race at the Brunswick Open?

On Saturday the 5th of April, Brunswick Cycling Club are holding their track open at DISC. The event will feature scratch, sprint derbys, women’s keirens, handicaps, the (in)famous teams point score race and tandem sprints (yes, tandem sprints!). BCC are currently looking for sponsors for each race.

I’d love for to sponsor one of the events - and here’s all we have to do:

Send $5 via PayPal to At the end of next week, I’ll take whatever funds we have accumulated and pass it onto the club. Depending on how much we can raise, we’ll get naming rights to one or two races on the night. It should be a great night of racing and this is a fun way to get involved.

For more information please check the CSV Fixture*

If you don’t like Paypal, you can pass on cash in person, or email for bank details.

  • Note the event is not called “Discorama”, it is the Brunswick Track Open

put all the proceeds on black or race 1 horse 7 at Randwick :wink:

Thanks to everyone who has sent in funds - we’re about halfway there!

or a tab at the bar :wink:

Thanks to everyone who sent money! We raised $120, which I took in to Alf tonight. He said it was enough for two Anticoast races on the evening program. Hope to see you all there.

Don’t forget everyone: Brunswick Open @ DISC tomorrow night (Saturday April 5)!

Juniors start 3pm, Seniors 7pm.

Be sure to come along to cheer for the Keiren race! The entry list looks pretty short, but there are a few forum pos(t)e(u)rs racing. All heckling very welcome!!


FRASER, Nathan WWOOOOOOO! I’ll put a little bit extra into my prayers to the go-hard Gods tonight :wink:

good luck riders…and everyone else.


Had fun, got spanked big time though. ‘a learning experience’ one might say…

Excellent work Nath!

Cof. Su!

Heya team,

I received a thankyou letter today from the club for the track open sponsorship. You can view it here:

Thanks again for the support!

Legends. good on ya everyone. wish i was there to see Nath rock et.