... back in the day

1912 to be exact. The “gang” down the back are prolly the Mods checking out the newbs walking in, talking about this new coffee thing, JLN’s music thread is over on the left, what’s your latest purchase over on the right, and bike porn all over the place.

Yes, no chicks even back then :confused:

They’ve got some sweet shellac 78s by the look of it.

boom tish!!!

spirito - what are all those shelves holding?

^ condoms, dudes got waay more ass back in those days

Dunno … here’s the original full size scan Bike Shop: 1912 | Shorpy Historic Photo Archive
Can’t make it out.

I love the old gas lights !!

Detroit, Michigan, circa 1912. “Metzger bicycle shop. Detroit City Gas Co.” This photo of a cycle (and phonograph) shop was taken to show off the gaslight fixtures. 8x10 glass negative, Detroit Publishing Company.

That explains it. They’re Edison cylinders.

Bingo !!!

Love those motorised bikes over on the left.

Round here we call those motorbikes son.

see, this shit’s been going on for centuries. first it was phonograph shops, now it’s clothing shops selling FGBs. no biggie

Ahh. I see you’ve played knifey spooney before. :wink: