t-shirt for 2010 Summer!


I can get tees made (including printing and shirt) for 20 bones. photo printing or heat transfers, just in case

you don’t mind whoring yourself do you ellepea, “come to my shop” “I can do tees”…

mind you luckytees does whatever you like on more than a few colours for as little as $15. Just saying. :wink:

Get a vector, and I’ll screenprint it, I have the equipment… But we’ve tried tshirts before, and it just turns into a fucking nightmare… Not enough interest; interest but then it comes to actually buying them, and everyone disappears; or no one is happy with the design; yet no one is a real graphic designer and come up with anything better. Someone says ‘this is better’ and submits some crap as a BMP saved out of MS Paint. Etc etc. Yes, I’m bitter.

Anyone who’s organised a T-shirt is bitter :slight_smile:

I’ve probably still got one or two in the cupboard for people who never paid. Maybe they’ll be worth something on eBay in a few years :wink:

thats who i get to make my tees, they’re next door to me.
and i said nothing about my shop, in fact, i haven’t even mentioned where i work…

nickj, lucky tees is a decent option if you want an option with no initial outlay. I can just take the dudes my file, they print the shirts (however many you want at the time) and it doesn’t matter how many you want to get done. made to order so to speak.

pay money, get shirt… simple enough (maybe?) I’m happy to organise?

I’ll take one…

I’m excited that people want to go through with this!
I hope the man in the Hong Kong market doesn’t have a good lawyer.

so who is actually keen for this?

i’m getting one next week so if anyone else is down, let me know?

ill take one so i can use it to clean my chain.


or you could use it to clean up your period? doesn’t bother me, this is happening

I’ll have one, in a medium.
I also want one of your ‘eat pussy, it’s vegan’ shirts.