The Film

Either of these!

Who should play Dylan?

Can this be a romcom?

Maybe we could be extra’s who are friends, or arch enemies.

East vs. West!

you have to do a Kevin Bacon footloose style ‘dance’ that he does in that old factory.
Except you have to do a bit of fixed gear freestyling instead.

You haven’t seen Quicksilver, have you?

yeah, i was picturing the scene when he shows off to the girl. prob shoulda mentioned that instead huh?

You better hope this film never gets made, because if it does, it’s on.

I hope it’s kind of like The Warriors.

I wanna play Bender:

I already have the gloves and the hair. I’ll borrow a shirt from JLN.

Maybe we could have an ‘west side story’ dance-off fight, but instead of brandishing small knives we could challenge each other with mini d-locks or multi-tools.

Ooooh I love dancing and acting.

I think a thunderbirds/ team america puppet style movie would be rad. And we’d need to reference , pay homage to cliched cycling scenes from cinema history randomly throughout the flick. Et flying scene, BMX bandits waterslide, Kermit riding a bike in the muppet movie etc…

Rad “Send Me An Angel” - YouTube

Dylan + ??

I should be played by Anthony Hopkins or, failing that, Cameron Diaz.


I want to be played by (The Wedding Singer era), Adam Sandler or, failing that, Lindsay Lohan because of our similar complexions.

i’ll offer a cameo appearance if you can cast michael clarke duncan as me. apart from me being short skinny and white, we’re virtually look-alike’s!

Ask McKenny about berets sometime.

love 'em

I would like to be played by Jean Claude Van Damme, not because there is any resmblance, but because i think it could only add to the farcical nature of the film for him to be included. I mean modern JCVD as well.

There would also need to be a bollywood style mass dance scene as well as we rejoice in flaming another innocent n00b who asks about mojo bikes.

Spirito will be played by george clooney.