fixed question

hey everyone

i’ve been riding a friends soma in montreal for the last year and am hooked,but now in melbourne i’m looking to put my own rig together. the soma felt abit big for me though, so i was wondering if anyone could let me know if there is any rule of thumb on frame size to rider height…i’m abit under six foot so… i would then be looking to find a frame this size to begin my build, i’m not into completes, so any out there who wants to help a bloke get his hands on a steel track frame of ok quality, or a source where i could find one…it would be greatly appreciated
take it easy all

size for your height is around 56-58cm seattube
try Bicycle Recycle, 700(?) south rd morrabbin, they usually have a few track frames around.
and run a brake atleast until you get the hang of riding fixed

thanks for that…i’ll check the recycle place…nice one


I’ve got a frame/forkset with cranks and headset that you might be interested in.
Dimensions are 58cm seat tube (centre to top) and 56cm top tube (centre to centre). Unknown brand but good solid frame. I rode it as a single speed but it would make a great fixie.
I’m in Brisbane but would post it. PM me if you’re keen.


thanks for the offer mate…i wish i’d checked this email afew days ago…i’ve just finnished the strip and repaint of a frame i found over the weekend…
you’ll have now worries though…there are more people who want frames than there are frames out there .
take it easy
enjoy the ride

No worries Kumo,

If anyone else is interested in the frame and forks give me a yell. I tried to post photos in the classified section but I’m too much of a dumbass to attach them to the post.