Fixed rear wheel, cheap-ish options ?

Hey, so I have shredded the thread on my cheapy quando rear wheel (surprise surprise) and so will need to replace it.

No idea at all about wheels / prices / brands so just wondering where I want to be looking, what to look for and who to call.

Am I better to buy off the shelf of buy the hub, spokes and rim seperately on eBay and just get it put together?

Budget is fairly low, under $100 for it. Would like a flip/flop hub but not that fussed.

Just need a prod in the right direction


Use the rim you’ve got now. Buy a new hub and if you’re lucky, you won’t need new spokes.

Years ago, I needed new wheels and didn’t have a lot of money. The wheelbuilder told me not to fuss about rim choice too much and to put my money into the hubs. He then built me a pair of wheels with Shining brand rims (no I’ve never heard of them either, some generic Chinese rim) and Novatech hubs. They’ve been great wheels and it’s this experience which prompted my advice above.

Wiggle | Halo Aero Rage Rear Track Bike Wheel | Performance Wheels
or Wiggle | Halo Aero Track Rear Wheel | Performance Wheels
You’ll never get a handbuilt wheel under $100, and these two have free shipping

Who can I hit up to assemble it ? I’d be happy to fork out the money for a good hub and keep the rim and spokes. Will a specialty builder need to do it or a bike store ? Will make some calls tomorrow but most are shut now

Wouldn’t waste my money doing that.

Nothing wrong with those Halo wheels listed above.

If you want a full sick deep set of wheels, then get a set of B43’s with sealed velocity/formula/origin8/whatever hubs. They are all the same and all pretty good.

I’ve got a spare wheelset you can have cheap if you are keen. I’ll pm you some details.

I’ve been using a Halo Aerowarrior rear wheel for a few months now it’s great value for money, considering it cost ~$100 delivered. Me+bike=105kg+
The cone nuts and outer axle nuts seem pretty decent, not as small and brittle as the ones that come with Origin8 hubs

Build it yourself. Sheldon Brown has comprehensive instructions. Wheel building is easy and very satisfying … once you master patience. The worst that can happen is you taking it to your lbs to finish it off but to be honest, building wheels is more scary than difficult.