Fixed Ricardo Elite

80’s Ricardo Elite.

Thanks to shwab I put some new forks on my bike today so finally took some updated photos of it.

Its a Tange (Tange 2 maybe?) frame with SuntourGT dropouts I had powedercoated. Also recreated the original “elite” decals and created a seat tube one to match the theme.

  • Wheels are DP18’s w/ Velocity hubs & Vittoria Zaffiro Pro’s
  • Vintage Cinelli Unicanitor on a Sakae Royal post
  • Shimano Golden Arrow cranks @ 42x16, KMC chain & cheap pedals
  • Unknown stem with Zoom bars, tektro leaver attached to Shimano 600 side-pull
  • Aluminium fork

wow that looks really good for a conversion

well done

how much did it cost all up?

Didn’t cost too much - frame was a hardwaste scab-grab, wheels were about $180 (delivered from the US) and most of the rest was cheap ebay or swap meet finds - hence why it’s a bit of a mash. I’d say the wheels & powdercoat would account for a touch over $300 and I likely spend another $100 on everything else.

That’s a good looking conversion, haha.
How are the DP18’s going?
Might pick some up.

DP18’s seem pretty good. The weld/join in both mine and a mates could be bit neater - not so noticeable on mine as I left the sticker on but my mate removed all the stickers and it does look a bit messy. My advice is to take off the huge Weinmann sticker that runs around the rim, but not the small one that mostly covers the shitty join.

Also had a touch (like 2mm square) of paint peel off the troublesome join - but a dab of clear nailpolish will stop that becoming an issue.

All up - for the money, can’t complain. Had to true em up a touch after a few rides but thats not a hassle.

Oh, and run a cloth around the inside before you lay any rim tape - I was a bit unnerved but the amount tube killing of metal shavings! :expressionless:

Haha well as it seems, for the price you can’t really go wrong.
Probably going to pick up a pair soon.


Nice job! Nice to see my unused parts getting some love. And a very clean looking conversion too.

really nice colour way , nice work

Is that really necessary?

Nice bike though.

You noticed.

Thanks Sam - i’m enjoying your unused parts.


The red wheels white tyres combo looks really good.