FIXED RIDE - THURSDAY 9/10/14 #sotb

Fixed ride Thursday night.

If you havn’t got a ‘track’ bike rolling, ride whatever you want/got. Just bring the vibes of the ol’ Wed night rides.

SAINT CLOUD - 6:10pm meet, 6:30 roll out.

Bring lights, Bring ya mates, No lycra (secret spandex will be tolerated)

Beer stop mid/end ride


Approved #sotb event.

Proposing beers at the Elwood hill/lookout so we can cut a hotlap of Albert Park Gran Prix circuit and pick you up from B’ball at MSAC enroute.

Nice, proposed distance / time?

I have something on in the evening but maybe I can just leave my bike at Saint Cloud tomorrow and come for this ride when I pick it up!


Leaving 6:30, I expect that we’ll be back about 8:30-9:00.