Fixed/SS axle width

I’ve got a Bianchi (Pista) wheelset, I want to run them on a Soma Van Ness, the issue is I think the axle spacing of the Pista is narrower than the Soma because there isn’t much in the way of threads protruding (plus the dropout width of the Soma is thicker). Is there a way to put a longer axle in? It’s not a bad wheelset, but I don’t trust riding it without having the bolts biting on to more threads.

EDIT. Looking at the Soma website, the Van Ness has a spacing of 120mm, I assume this would be the same as the Pista. In that case it must be the thicker dropouts causing the issue. I’m not sure if buying a different wheelset would have a slightly longer axle even if the actual spacing is 120mm.

Plenty of hubs have longer axles as stock, the old Harris Cyclery IRO hubs were able to be spaced to 135mm and still bolt up ok.

If the hubs are standard 10x1mm with no fancy shoulders for cartridge bearings any bike shop can help you out. If they’re different you’ll have a harder time finding something.

how much thread is protruding? my miche hubs have a much shorter axle than any of my other wheels but there is still enough thread