fixed 'track' bike in AFR Life & Leisure

Australian Financial Review, Life & Leisure, August 10 2007.

hmmm… what does “Shimano Modified Track Cranks” mean on their website? Why modify them when they’re fine as they are!

Maybe becuase they are polished? I hope it doesn’t mean they cut out those holes in the crank arms… :confused:

deus ex machina is part owned by one of the old designers for mambo iirc.
sooo pricey

The bikes seem to be a strange mishmash of new and used components- I’m sure each one would be unique if you actually ordered one. Come to think of it, if I gave my LBS two grand I’m sure they could come up with a better cool track bike… Deep V’s? Please, they are soo last season.

who wants to start a store with me? we can have three branches, melbourne, new york and london, and we’ll sell 70’s and 80’s track bikes we import from the former USSR. they must have a lot lying around at old velodromes surely. i’ve got a friend who speaks russian.
it will be the next cool thing…