fixed v road

Ok so im having a conversation with some relatives at christmas and fixed gears come up as one is a road cyclist, im sure you know the situation, he states " why would anyone ride fixed, i say because there fast and fun. Then having said there faster off the lights it gets mentioned 'given both bikes are running the same ratio and both cyclists are the same in skill/fitness how could there be any difference in speed from a track standing position? They should be the same? this stumped me and perhaps they have a point on the speed bit . . . definitely not the fun. Anyway if anyone can make my case stronger it would be appreciated. Marcus :smiley:

It’d be very minor, theres quite a bit more loss due to friction and the such in geared bikes through derailers, etc than fixed, but, on a small scale it would be hard to notice.

They would be the same.

But the road bike will have a higher top speed anyway.

Like everything cycling…, it really depends on the engine.
A straight chain line and direct drive however always has a small pshycological plus , for me anyway.

whichever bike is red will always go faster :smiley:

Agreed with Horaito.

if they’re both on their maximum gear, the fixed gear bike will go faster

you are more likely to be wearing spandex on a road bike to so that’ll assist.

the road would be heavier with derailers, tensioner, rear brake, cable, extra gears ect…

also, a fixed rear wheel is stronger than one that is dished to accomodate for the larger gear cluster

and sometimes its just easier not to have to shift gears

but its really about the skids more than anything

gotta account for the old man factor, thats a major slowdown

It’s because it takes forever to clip in and change gears on a road bike. :wink:

Are you normal?

Whats wrong with some of you fuckn people. “fixed gears faster than road bikes” are you retarded?

crikey there’s some bullshit on this forum lately.

only if the frame, fork, headset, handlebars, bar tape, bar-end plugs, stem, seatpost, saddle, seatpost clamp, pedals, bottom bracket, cranks, tires, tubes, valve stems, valves, dustcaps, rims, front hub (rear hubs will necessarily be different), spokes, nipples, rim tape, bottom bracket, and whatever else I’ve forgotten all together weigh the same. :roll:

(FWIW both my fixed gear bicycles are each a couple of kilos heavier than either of my roadies)

nail on the head right there.

I think it’s more “fixed gears are faster than road bikes taking off at the lights”. I know from experience that 99% of the time, if I’m at the lights with someone on a road bike next to me, I can (usually) take off quicker than they can, even if I’m not trackstanding. Then I usually get passed by the roadie…

Marcus was wondering why, hence posting the question.

thats got nothing to do with gears thats got to do with wether they can be fucked racing you off at the lights or not.

fixed gear bikes are more convienient maintenence wise and a lot of fun, but kids, dont kid youself. you aint faster than a road bike.

this thread is shit.

why should you justify your choices to anyone? there are dozens of irrational things that roadies do that could be picked on (multi-thousand dollar crabon fibre’ frames that are essentially disposable for a start). just ask em why they shave their legs: all the reasons apart from fashion and conformity are essentially bullshit.

happy new year!

Roadies always wanna race the stupid hipster in jeans on a fix|e.

But Heavymetal is right.