Fixedbrian Skidstar & daily rider

hey 853, a Skidstar to rival yours :slight_smile:

Thanks Brian - it would appear you are our first entry for NSW!



nice !

I might just have to fix my skidstar and be done with it !

(resist, resist)

  • Joel

Brian’s Skidstar was my inspiration, for quite some time now.

Looks great in white I reckon. For some reason, Brian’s bike just screams Great Gatsby to me :slight_smile:

that’s Brian’s ?!

I always assumed that one was in the US.

Well yes that’s been one of my inspirations as well. Glad to see he’s ditched the drops though. They didn’t quite fit.

  • Joel

have we got a skidstar revolution happening??



one of you locals could do well with that. Parting out the sturmey-archer and other stuff could almost pay for the conversion.

  • Joel