fixie blog take a look

this is my fixie blog, there is not much on it yet but i would love for you to have a look fixie


School project?


It can only get better :wink:

god i miss 2006

Troll account??

ok then… :confused:

Almost as bad as these guys from Melbourne, Fixed and Gearless Co getting the one fundamental of fixed gear wrong.
Check out the pics of them grinding the “unnecessary fittings for detailers and brakes”.

That poor peugeot :frowning:

[i]Just bought this old Peugeot vintage frame to restore and bring back to its former glory.

[/i]So I butchered it with my angle grinder. Insert NUCK TATS shot here.

I don’t see the issue with grinding braze ons off a shit old gas pipe special. If it was something nice then yes I agree.

restore and bring back =/= cut/grind/modify

issue isn’t what he’s doing, it’s saying something and doing something different.

should be “Just bought this old Peugeot vintage frame to alter and continue it’s life, while keeping some of it’s history”

Oh ok thats the issue? Who gives a fuck how he has worded it on his shit blog, you know what he means.

I concur.

Wanna be treated seriosly? Start with you’re grammer and speling for fucks sake.

(And if it’s a school project then you’ve failed on that ground.)

Me? con·cur 1. to accord in opinion; agree: Do you concur with his statement? Should I have not used the full stop mate? Feel free to PM me with anything further, Happy Friday bro :stuck_out_tongue:

I can not tell if you are taking the piss?

I think he was referring to the blog…

Yeah I can see that now after the edit, cheers. Fire up diddy!!

Everyone’s a little touchy it seems.