fixie down! St Georges Rd 13/10 AM

hey, if the guy on the purple fixie who got cleaned up this morning by a old guy in a Falcodor crossing St Georges this morning needs a witness, let me know. I would have given you a business card, but I didn’t have any.

if it’s any consolation, it looked spectacular when you flew in the air before dropping on your head…

fuck, this might be Benny.
Just tried calling him and no answer…

EDIT: Not Ben, he’s in Perth.

Thanks dadrock, felt anything but spectacular. Old guy t-boned me. His angle was he saw me coming, then stopped at the stop sign, but then he accelerated up the little speed bump thing so he wouldn’t roll back into the tram tracks and in doing so clipped the side of my bike. Stupid old … Lucky i was wearing a good helmet. My ionos is cracked on the side in five places.

sue the old cunt!

It was ugly from where I was…just like you said, it looked like he stopped, then saw that you were riding fixed and tried to kill you.
truly you flew a mile. glad to hear that you’re okay.
+1 on the helmet!

adam_3000, was it this guy?


Limahl totally shows his “O” face at 1:57!


Hope you’re ok Adam

adam_3000, was it this guy?


The guy was wearing glasses (which is pretty funny). Thanks to everybody who stopped and helped a brother out too.

how could anyone have suspected falcor ???

sucks dude hope your head is alright