Fixie muppet douche bags

I have been away from riding for a while (very long skiing holiday) and have just started riding to work again in the past week. I have been astonounded by the number of ‘fixie muppet douche bags’ on the road. I have almost been taken out a number of times by these muppets who can’t ride for shit and think they are riding in some kind of alley cat race.

Haha! But isn’t every morning an alley cat race? You should experience the Brunswick St commuter wars! :mrgreen:

Yeah, the vesties in the city and on St Kilda road seem to think its an alleycat every day, running lights, trying to overtake everyone and just being a plain nuisance on the road… :?

I like to keep pace on St Kilda road in the morning, good for fitness. If you’re slower than me, I’ll overtake you, but that doesn’t mean I’m racing anyone.

No shortage of hipster dufus tossbags doing those things either.

If you can do that, hold your line, be considerate toward others and avoid putting yourself into stupid situations - then no probs at all :slight_smile:

You return to riding and the percentage went up? Coincidence ? hahah :wink:

Do as I say not as I do :slight_smile:

You should also try the Yarra race track too. I’ve seen some legendary duels with roadies vs mtbikers with slicks. The racers tend to stick to the North side, so I ride the South.

And apparently there is a new road rule that, when in the vicinity of RMIT, a fixie rider must track stand at all sets of lights.

I though that was at all sets of lights in the city

it’s gonna be the summer of the fixpocalypse

I thought the point behind fixed riding was to take your time and cruise, not haul ass like yours was on fire.

I know what I don’t know could fill a few swimming pools but wouldn’t it be obvious that 30+ kilometers an hour, in peak hour, within the CDB, fixed, with or without brakes be the same as praying to get f’d up?

Haha… this has been true for some time- especially the outgoing Swanston St/Latrobe St intersection. For me a good track stand is a still seated trackstand, not the jerky forward/back motion you see all the time from the standing type… just sayin

Also wtf is it with these douches I see walking their fixies everywhere? I guess a bike is a bit large to hang around your neck…

As soon as nokia make the fob attachment they will

Nah, praying doesn’t work.

The girl cycling in jeans the other day exploded with apoplectic profanity when I suggested that running pedestrian crossings &c. on Royal Pde might be a good habit to get out of.

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