Fixie Newbie!

Hi All,

I’ve only just discovered this fixed gear scene and didn’t quite realise just how cool it was. All of the bikes you guys have pictured online are just awesome!

Wanting to get back into some low key riding I was considering maybe a hit out on the track as a new experience, then found this online culture of fixed gear that has sparked my interest in bikes all over again…

I don’t currently own a fixie (nor have I ever ridden one) - just two road bikes - one of which I am considering converting, or I may do the resto thing and pick up a vintage frame online or second hand. Either way I am pretty keen to try my hand at building my own fixie and hopefully have it looking as good as some of the rides you guys have posted here.

Thanks for all the great info in this forum - I’ll keep lurking and learning and hopefully riding in the very near future…


g’day! welcome!

good luck with your resto/conversion… if there’s any info that you need and don’t feel like trawling the site, put a Q up, i think there are a lot of people who dont have a project going that would love to help you along in any way they can.

What are you roadies?

welcome from fellow newb. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’m a roadie in a past life! road/track scene is where my interest lies mostly, tho never quite got to the track.

I think I’ll start on a conversion of my old roadie, which is a 1980’s Italian frame (Saronni) - one of those ones with the crimping along the length of the top, seat and down tubes… Might be something a bit different on a tricked up fixed wheel! Cinelli bars and stem (might even leave the Spinachi’s on?). So I just need some new or rebuilt wheels, flip/flop hub and a drivetrain! (tho I’m sure it’s quite that simple…)

I’ll start stripping soon, just need to decide whether or not to repaint the frame - it’s currently the red/white/green colours of Italy!

PLEASE don’t wreck a nice old saronni/colnago just to join some ‘scene’.