Fixie parts in Melb?

Hey all,

I am building my first fixed gear bike and am in need of wheels, crank set, rear sprocket, bottom bracket etc etc.

After going into a few shops and ringing around I have found that a lot of people really either don’t know what you are talking about or don’t stock the parts.

Can anyone provide some details on shops in Melbourne (cityish area) that actually DO stock fixed gear parts?? Even better if they have good prices :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance.


Did you try clicking this button at the top right?:

Don’t know which shops you’ve been looking at, but Shifter Bikes, Bikes De Ver, Abbotsford Cycles, Cyclic Bikes, My Mountain, Human Powered Cycles, Brunswick St Cycles all stock what you need, and I’m guessing they also know more about fixed wheels than you do. There are many, many other shops that can also help, are you asking the right questions?

Thanks for that, I did use the search button but as with most forum searches they don’t work so well.

I have been calling places in the city, but will get onto some of the ones you mentioned.

Just remember that we all have to start somewhere and asking on a forum is the easiest way to gain knowledge when you are stuck at work :wink:


Congrats you won,

364 new to fixed posts this year :evil:

I suspect even you were once :-D.

Yeh, not so long ago.

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