Fixie problem

I’ve been helping my mate build an awesome fixie but we are having trouble with the wheels and it’s really frustrating!!! My mate says we can use a normal geared road wheel and modify it internally to make it a fixie wheel but I’m not sure. Any suggestions? | Surly Fixxer Hub Converter | Cassettes And Freewheels


I’m guessing that’s what my mate was talking about. Anyone know where to get these in Australia and what the cost is?

Not sure what’s with the troll remark as its in the help section of a fixed gear forum unless I’m mistaken???

Just get a proper fixed gear hub. So much easier in the short and long term

do not fuck around with converting just buy a track wheel it will be cheaper in the long run trust us. This is deep, nearly long lost wisdom from the summer of 2007/8.

I kinda don’t mind the look of the Surly adapter to be honest. Has anyone here ever used one?

Are you going to buy one regardless of the advice you get here?

Good man … spend more to get get less !!!
Bike industry needs more people with your attitude :wink:

Yes I have.

But these days it’s so much easier to just buy a cheap track wheel.

I’m just asking if anyone has used one or not which seems reasonable to me. The information from forum users is just information and doesn’t mean that I have to automatically just do what two people on a forum tell me to do. I’m sure the designers at Surly knew what they were doing when they decided to make the product I have an interest in and truth be told I’m sure they sold hundreds of them.

well yes you can buy the fixxer (note that it’s not actually in stock on wiggle) it will work.
shnowflake used to use one and I can attest that he has no died as a result

you can also fill the freewheel of a normal road wheelset full of (insert adhesive, up to an inluding weld metal, here) there were plenty of articles on the interwebs about this circa 2007, i can’t really recommend this course of action. this may also have been what your mate was talking about

Alternately a brand spanking new fixed rear wheel can be yours for ~$100 or even less in a variety of colour ways ranging from not that shit to godaweful vomit inducing)

this one is ~$170 but well worth the cost IMHO: (if only for epic level trollage)
3 Spoke 700C Fixie Single Speed Road Bike Wheel Rear Green | eBay

How many forum members would it take? You asked for suggestions, you got several, now you’re acting very defensive. I’m confused.

SOTB vibes!

Buy it and let us know about it plz.

Surly Fixxers are an old and pretty much obsolete solution IMO.

I had mine 8 or 9 years ago back in the old days when you couldn’t just jump on eBay and grab a new pair of track wheels in a bunch of hideous colours for $200 or less.

Unless you’ve got a rear wheel with an 8sp Shimano 600 hub (or maybe 9sp Ultegra or 105? I dunno) ready to go, then don’t bother with a Fixxer.

It’s far easier and probably better value to just buy a track wheel.

if it was a good product in demand it would still be offered right? it’s off the market for good reason, proper track hubs are so much easier to use and to get.

snowflake’s used one, he’s given his opinion, i reckon this thread is done as it’s only going to devolve into people suggesting you get a real track wheel.

if you have a road wheel you’re desperate to use (and happens to also work with the fixxer, not all do), setup a saved search for a fixxer on ebay.

They’re well made, they work well and they’re easy to fit.

But they have narrow applications and in most cases, there are better alternatives available.