Fixie rider in Neutral bay?


Just wondering if the rider of a fixie with White B43 front + rear from Neutral Bay or Mosman resides in this forum? He is running front brakes on his B43’s and would like to know if they work well ?

Anyone else who’s doing this, feel free to add ur 2c worth.

But… I/m the only fixie rider in Neutral Bay :?

Just kidding, I’ll keep an eye out over this side of the Harbour though.

lol…just had an image someone riding in a latex suit shudder

thanks !

Quite a few fixie riders in North Sydney…but I only remember the white B43’s…

I’ve also seen this guy, as recently as a few weeks ago, near maccas… have no idea who he is, but if it’s the same bike i’m thinking of, it’s very nice

i have no idea who it is but i have a b43 on my front with a brake and it works well. i have nothing bad to say about them.

apart from the black marks on your rim right? :stuck_out_tongue:

yep a ring of black on my front rim its all good

Better do something about that ring, it detracts from the hipster image you got going! :smiley:

i dont give a shit about the hipster points or the image, if i can make my bike stop im a happy boy

better get that brake back on there then… :slight_smile:

I got a cable for you if you want it as well…

I’m confused as to what’s happening here. Keith: I’m pretty sure Brad runs a brake…

Nah, He put new bars on monday night, his brake cable was too short so he couldnt run the brake…

aaaahhhhh. all has become clear to my confused mind. i could lend him one of mine, but the cables are all about 5 inches too short for his mammoth headtube…

it all good now i had a brake cable at home and i put it on last night, so now i can stop on a dime now

They have a Macca’s at Neautral Bay now? :-o

d’you have to book? :smiley: